Top 3 Durban Restaurants You Should Love

The saying goes, “When in Rome – do as the Romans do”.  Well if you find yourself in Durban, I suggest you indulge in their particularly varied appetite. If they’re not scoffing down pineapples dipped in masala, they’re hunting for the best fish and chips or spicy prawns – and when they find what they love they remain loyal for life. Here’s 3 amazing restaurants you should fall in love with!


With humble beginnings in a trailer at Durban Day at People’s Park in 2012, it took this chicken and chips store just five years to become an established Durban favourite. The franchise now has nine stores in and around Durban, including two beach shacks which are popular with surfers, cyclists and tourists. With a distinct black and yellow design, decent prices and a simple menu of saucy chicken and chips that comes with peri peri or lemon and herb sauce, Afro’s hits the nail on the head with Durbanites. Stores are available in South Beach, Umhlanga, Churchill Road and Florida Road.

Avishkar Singh

Smokin’ Joe’s Knockout Burgers

While still fairly new on the Durban scene, Smokin’ Joe’s has quickly earned a reputation as a consistently great burger joint thanks to its consistent quality and decent prices. Set on trendy Musgrave Road, where a whole host of new food spots are popping up, here you’ll find wholesome, juicy beef patties with fresh and wholesome ingredients. They’re also not afraid to experiment with the menu every few weeks, with burgers featuring daring sauces and exotic ingredients like peanuts and corn. They also serve a mean cup of joe and feature classics like cronuts, but also experimental desserts like avocado and raspberry ice cream.

Courtesy of Smokin’ Joe’s


While most are ordinary – bunny chows from this establishment reign supreme. This is one of Durban’s best bunny chow spots for locals. A sports bar seems like an unlikely place to find a good bunny chow but avid eaters at this spot in Springfield swear by their spicy fare – it is said that even chefs only eat their bunnies here. The experts seem to think highly of this place too, as in 2014 Hollywoodbets came first in Durban’s annual bunny chow competition and second in 2015. They also offer a range of other pub food that’s popular with the offices nearby.

Avishkar Singh
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