#TrainTourHack – Africa’s 1st Travel Hackathon

The #TrainTourHack (5-8 September) will consist of 20 teams of coders, designers and data scientists who will work on practical technological solutions for tourism industry for approximately 36 hours.

With the guidance of mentors and seasoned travel influencers, the teams will work on developing solutions to tourism challenges around tourist safety, SMME digital enablement and niche markets.

The winning team will be funded to develop their solution(s) further.

📌 Registration closes on 15 August 2019

Innovating Africa’s Tourism Industry

The transformative power of the tourism industry is well understood and documented, however historically, many hurdles have existed which prevented this industry reaching its full potential, hurdles for which there exist technological solutions for.

The objective of the #TrainTourHack is to produce viable solutions which will be taken forward for development post the hackathon. In this regard, the winning team will be funded towards the development of the solutions.

With the aim of attracting more quality tourists to South Africa, #TrainTourHack is hosted with the aim of achieving these objectives:

  • Creating seamless and personalized visitor experiences pre to post-trip
  • Generate productivity gains and cost savings for tourism businesses
  • Increase revenue for tourism businesses/visitors’ spending
  • Deepen insights on visitors
  • Enable more employment opportunities in the tourism sector

Entry details:

Teams can choose from five categories to base their project on: accommodation, experience, logistics, tours and, attractions and travel medium.

Calling all API providers, mentors (and sponsors)

If you are interested to mentor a team, provide an API for a challenge, or would like to sponsor this initiative, please contact the #TrainTourHack team at

Learn more:

For more information visit:

How to apply

Apply at
Registration closes on 15 August 2019.

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