ASATA Responds to South Africa’s Imposed COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

The Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA) has reiterated its support for its members and their travelling customers following the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday (15 March 2020) that government would impose “extraordinary” travel recommendations for South African travelers to Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, US, UK and China as from 18 March.

“We respect and understand the decision taken by the South African government to stem the spread of the virus by banning travel to and from certain destinations,” says Otto de Vries, CEO ASATA. “We appreciate the President’s well-considered position on this matter. We await further details, such as timelines when the government will re-evaluate the travel recommendations, to assess the implications for the outbound tourism industry.”

“We look look forward to engaging with the government tomorrow. We will work collectively with the private sector to limit the impact on the travel industry.”

ASATA and its members will continue to provide a calm, informed, coordinated and proactive response to the panic that has emerged globally around COVID-19.

Ashton Sobhuza
the authorAshton Sobhuza
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